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Hollow Vergil
We all know we would think of Bleach whenever the Hollow Vergil design happens. So it´s a redesign. Probably gonna do Dante with horns too,
Creepypasta Reference: Nachtkrabb Witch
Parents like to tell their kids scary stories, so they would go sooner to bed. One of them is the famous tale about the monster Nachtkrabb who kidnaps naughty children and eats them in their hives.
Children who spent their time at night outside will get abducted by a crowd of big ravens.

Nowadays, nobody believes in stories like that until they visit a little workshop that recently opened in their town. Whether you were a good child in the past ,depends on you once you have a little chat with the old lady indoors.

The reason she goes after adults who used to be not well behaved children is because of her grudge created by the witch hunt in Germany. She believes when a child was bad, they won´t grow up to be respectable adults.

A conversation with the old lady happens via paper as the witch is mute. She won´t target adults unless they were bad, but who knows how she judges one person. The victim won´t notice being poisonded until they find their limbs rotting

the several figures of the Nachtkrabb is an illusion when the target is affected by poison
her shear´s blades are dunked in spider venom that make the flesh rot
her skin can be shedded that are later used as her clothing, her regenerating skills kept her alive for centuries
due to the illusion, it´s easy for her to confuse her target and cut them

The witch doesn´t kill the victim directly and waits for them to die from heart failure

Her right hand is mutilated which makes it without her shears useless
she doesn´t move when you have her in your sight as she can´t directly attack her victim
very slow on her own feets (she´s an old lady wearing heavy clothing)

[The story of the Nachtkrabb is in progress at this moment]

Motion-mum-and-aunt by Makany

Name: En Mashiba /
真柴 エン (both first names are written in katakana)

     Shiro Mashiba/真柴   シロ

They never actually had a name. People gave them different names throughout their life. Shiro used to be called Lale and En Poppy.

Age: 1000 + (En is the older twin)

Birth date: Somewhere in December. They were born in the Viking Age

Species: were referred as Ke´let or simply mare

Sex: female


Height: 6`2”(En), 6`1”(Shiro)

Hair color: dark grey, silver (En), White (Shiro)

Eye color: black

They have the appearance of adult women. Shiro would look like in end of her tweenties and En in her mid thirties.

En´s body is a bit muscular while Shiro is slender and actually has a slouching stature.

Their expression doesn´t change much since they don´t use their facial muscles often. In other words they have a constant poker face.

Their hair color and tall appearance attracts the gaze of new people at their current home, however the people in Hokkaido are already used by their sight.

Reference sheet: Poker face twins

Current Location: Furano (Hokkaido)

Occupation: They run together a bakery


Almost all the time, En keeps herself busy by cleaning the house, cooking or helping their neighbors out as she dislikes sitting around, doing nothing. Despite her expression rarely changing, she easily gets excited when her daughter makes new friends or becomes more open towards other people. However, En tends to become really aggressive once her family is insulted and mostly ends up breaking the offender’s fingers. En has no self awareness and doesn´t seem to care much about herself since she believes as the older twin, she needs to be protective and responsible for her child and sister. There are many moments where En wouldn´t understand human emotions and will probably end up hurting somebody´s feeling for being too blunt.

Shiro on the other hand has childish tendencies and likes to prank people purely out of boredom. Using her seemingly calm appearance to her advantage, Shiro is very good at acting as a serious person. The female has a slightly sadistic nature and is very emotional dependant on her older twin. Unlike her sister, Shiro is more relaxed and lazy, being softer in punishing children when they do something to annoy her. Because of her being a sadist, Shiro likes to go after vulnerable girls or stubborn woman to seduce them. She never seemed to have any interest of having a solid relationship as she prefers having as many partners as possible. Even though she should be acting as a role model towards En´s daughter Gwyn, she shamelessly will state to everybody that she´s a pervert and wouldn´t hesitate to steal somebody´s partner.

Fashion: Any clothing that doesn´t get in the way (En),

             Feminine clothing like dresses preferably with flower prints (Shiro)

Attitude towards other: En will act passive and neutral towards strangers. Shiro likewise unless she sees a female she fancies, then she will pretend to act clueless and friendly to seduce the person.


Habits: checking on her child and Sid 24/7 (En) Checking a woman´s undergarment 24/7 (Shiro)

Addiction: None (En) Sex (Shiro)

Likes: organized and clean rooms, vegetables, cuddling, family, polite people, baking (En)

         Sleeping, cute girls, flowers, pranks, making people cry, Gwyn, En (Shiro)

Dislikes: Everything harmful to her child, irresponsible adults, Sid´s reckless behavior, she feels ashamed that she might be a masochist, Shiro´s attacks on innocent girls (En)

People who ruin her fun, Sid (because she sometimes can´t understand him), work (Shiro)

Favorite drink: green ginger tea (En), sakurayu (Shiro)
Preference of Music: Enka, calm music in general

Sexuality: Bisexual with a preference to woman(Shiro)        

En is completely devoted to her husband  


Virgin?: Would be really weird if En was a virgin. She´s not the holy Maria. Shiro is a virgin destroyer, so yeah...

Favorite quote of Shiro: "Whether it was yesterday, tomorrow or a week, you´re ass still looks fine"

Power?:  super strength and robust body (as they tend to destroy a lot of stuff, but use it more rarely) and shapeshifting

Weakness: hot headed, violent, depressive due to her guilty consciousness, suffers under nightmares (En) violent, very passive, manipulative (meaning that she even controls her own family and hurts them without wanting to) (Shiro)

Fears: Family getting hurt, being found by their creator, being fault at a mass destructions

In addition to Shiro´s fear: Sid

Family + past:
Native Language: first human language they learned was old east Slavic, they didn´t communicate in a humane way before that

Creator: refered as Inferno, looks like a wyvern (currently inactive/ sealed away)

Shiro and En once shared the same body, despite being long separated from their creator´s core. Since the demon became unstable by releasing their children, they returned into a sleep similar state. Their combined appearance looked terrifying in the eyes of humans, resulting to a situation where they were getting hunted down by them. Once their bodies were finally separated and the two sisters took a more humanoid appearance, they were able to learn more about their surroundings.They accompanied Nomads (Yukaghir) and used to live in the Tundra of Siberia 700 years ago. However, their existence brought destruction as a part of their creator was in one of their jewelry, draining humans of their life and make them corrupted. Before they realized that they were used as a transportation for their creator and could destroy their earrings, many humans turned into brainless puppets and

They mostly traveled around and learned more about humans, coming to a point where En falls in love with someone and carries his child who later on becomes Gwyn. Since they arrived in Japan in the 18th century, those two weren´t really considered as foreigner nowadays because every witness, who saw them arrive, are long dead. But they still attract attention from tourists and strangers since the locals in Furano are already used by their strange appearance.

For further information look up:
OC Information: Gwyn Mashiba

Name: Gwyn [Guin] Mashiba / 真柴 宮胤(in Hiragana ましば ぐぃん)
Age: 27
Birth date: 6. 12.89
Species: Non-human?
Sex: female
Height: 5`1”
Weight: 116, 8 lbs
Hair color: Teal (previously dark grey, she dyed it because everybody kept asking whether her hair was dyed)
Eye color: brown
Has freckles on her shoulder, nose and cheeks, hands are hard from dead skin and cuts, the band-aid on her nose has no purpose, scars on her ankles and back
Her cheeks are lightly getting split when she shows off her full row of teeth (She occasionally does that to scare children, else she never shows it unless asked by a close person)
She lisps because of her jagged teeth
No tattoo, no piercings
Birthplace: Furano (Hokkaido)
Native Language: Japanese
Language: Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish
Culture:  Japanese (She was born and rai


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